Bachelor Flocks

Perhaps you are looking for a group of handsome Soay sheep to beautify your fenced lawns or small pastures but you do not want to bother with breeding, caring for pregnant Yearling Rams ewes and lambs, or keeping ewes and rams separated off-season. The answer may well be an all-male flock of rams or wethers or both.

Why an all-boys' club?

At first blush, the notion of a “bachelor” flock may seem odd, but here's why they make sense if you are not going to breed your Soay sheep – at least not yet. Wethers (castrated rams) are mellow 365 days a year, with a life focus pretty carefully trained on eating, making them great weed-eaters and pasture restoration specialists. Without ewes around, a group of rams (no fewer than 4 and up to at least 20 in our experience) also are quite jovial fellows who do not try to get through fences or bash into anything other than each other's heads from time to time in autumn.

Pasture art

Troon & Astro by the stump Human heads will turn at the living statues in your pasture, a fact for which we submit the pictorial evidence here.

Low-maintenance, low-cost

And last but by far not least, price-wise rams are a bargain considering how handsome they are and how easy they are to take care of so long as there are no ewes, Soay or otherwise, nearby.