Soay Goodies

Here is some Soay-specific "stuff" you may want to run right out and buy or put in your mental "shopping cart" for later

It is not merely typical Yankee hyperbole to say that Michael Darlow has created two outstanding additions to the literature on Soay sheep, a children's book and a DVD. They are "must haves" for any Soay enthusiast and "Sam" makes a great baby gift.

Cover of Sam's Soay Sheep Book Sam's Soay Sheep Book, by Michael Darlow, is a sweet small book about these sweet small sheep. Ostensibly a story and pictures for children, it will capture your adult heart.

It may be purchased by contacting Michael.

Entitled Soay Sheep on the Island at the Edge of the World, this visually captivating DVD of the St. Kilda Archipelago and the island home of Soay sheep, with its very informative narrative may be the only practical way for most of us to see Soay sheep in their native environment!

Contact us if you are interested in obtaining a copy.

Hobby Farms Magazine did a nice article on the British Soay portion of the U.S. "flock" in January 2008. You can no longer find it on the newsstands, but there is an on-line version.