Overview of Husbandry Pages

Reintroducing the Rams

Keeping the peace ► Each year we hear from one or more of our customers, wondering what to do with their rams when breeding is over and it's time to put the boys back together for the rest of the year. Here is our advice.

Lambing Supplies

Supplies and equipment ►Here is a discussion of the supplies and equipment we keep on hand for routine and not-so-routine lambings.

Pre-lambing Checklist

Checklist ►Here is a compact checklist we use to make sure we have everything we are going to want and need on hand while there's still time.

Preparing Your Ewes For Lambing

Great expectations ►When February rolls around, finally, it is time for both you and your ewes to get ready for lambing.

When Will the Lambs Arrive?

Gestation data►Lamb arrival is predictable, but only if you know the time of breeding.

Working Newborn Lambs

The Ritual ►Within a few hours of their arrival we put each of our lambs through an initiation ritual, while mother (usually) watches with quiet interest.

The Three Basic Needs of Sheep: Feed, Shelter, Fencing

Basics►Sheep cannot survive without food and water, shelter, and fencing to protect them.

A Beginner's Checklist

If nothing else, get …►You can find longer lists of stuff you need to get started, but this one will tide you over in a pinch.

Where to Find the Supplies You Need for Lambing

Locating good suppliers►Unless you are lucky enough to live nextdoor to a nationwide wholesaler, you will need to order some of your supplies. Luckily, there are several excellent providers.