Breeding and Sales

Current Availability: Fall 2017

Ready-to-breed starter flock

Our bad luck this year with gender split in lambs (8 rams, 3 ewes) is good fortune for new breeders. Although we cannot provide you with a full starter flock of 2017 ewe lambs, we can put together a starter flock of proven young ewes (they lambed last spring) and handsome rams ready to breed for you now.

Your selection of rams includes a stunning 2016 ram with wide horns. In addition, we have several 2017 ram lambs who were pitch black at birth, and two classic mouflon brown 2017 ram lambs for you to choose from.

If you select an adult ram and a ram lamb, you can breed for four years without needing to introduce a new ram. We’ll show you how!

New Lambs and Starter Flocks

Soay lambs dozing We expect to have starter flocks of ewe lambs and genetically diverse rams available for sale next spring once the results of lambing are in. If you are interested in a starter flock of heritage sheep, please give us a call or send us a note to place your reservation. Your new little ones can be picked up by you or your professional hauler in late August or early September once the summer heat breaks. As always, we are particularly interested in providing genetically diverse starter flocks to conservation-minded families all over the United States and Canada. What goes into a starter flock … ►

Or a Mixture Of Lambs and Yearling Ewes

Next spring we may be able to put together starter flocks that include British Soay ewe yearling ewes, which allows the new owner to breed the yearlings the first fall rather than waiting a full year until the ewe lambs grow up. Contact us if you are interested in this alternative to the traditional “ewe-lambs-only” starter flock.

Annual Scratch and Dent Sale: Newly-Retired Flocksires

Soay rams grazing

Because our rams are rarely used for more than one season, each year one or more proven breeders, still in their prime, may be available for further service in other flocks. Much as we love the looks of the lambs they produced, the Geneticist is willing to part with them and let them produce equally striking lambs on other farms.

These fellows have their share of “battle scars” from knocking heads during Retired Flocksires for Sale … ► rut each year, but of course the damage is far removed from the breeding equipment.

Yearling Rams

Yearling Soay ram Newsflash: Sheep breeders almost always have more rams than they can use as breeders, yet all of us want to bring in new blood from time to time. We sure do. If you are looking for a young ram to diversify your flock, please contact us or check out the latest posts on our blog ( about which specific rams are still for sale. We almost always have available rams who are eager to assist you in your breeding program.


From time to time we have a few wether lambs available as companions for your breeding rams or to use as a non-breeding group of handsome lawnmowers. Let us know if you're interested.