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Adult Rams

Retired Flocksires: The Annual Scratch and Dent Sale


We usually have one or more newly-retired flock sires for sale after they have completed their assigned task with the ewes. This year we have one proven flocksire for sale, a handsome white-spotted, wide-horned fellow named Saltmarsh Yateley.


The story of what Yateley sired is a great example of the fun you can have with Soay breeding. We bred him to three ewes, one of them plain dark brown and two of them white-spotted. One of the white-spotted ewes served up two white-spotted lambs, just what we expected. The other white-spotted ewe produced one spotted lamb and one totally plain brown lamb with not even a “twink” of white. Hmm. More genes at work in the white-spotting trait than the resident geneticist, and the Accepted Wisdom, has heretofore believed. The third ewe, the little plain brown one, produced a single tan ram lamb with a distinctive white twink on his head. Contact us if you’d like to see what Yateley can produce for you!

We usually have younger rams for sale who have not bred as yet. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one or more of them.