Sources: Where to get supplies, equipment, dogs, etc.

General supplies

PO Box 100
Dothan, AL 36301

Good selection of husbandry supplies for all sorts of livestock. A particularly good source for inexpensive syringes and needles. These are "veterinary" grade, not certified for human use. But they are sterile and sharp and so cheap that it makes sense to use a new needle and syringe for each injection.

2031 300th St.
Washington, IA 52353

Emphasis on products for sheep and goat raisers. Their catalog lists a number of items that we haven't seen anywhere else. The company also specializes in electric fencing products, and produces an information-packed catalog worth having. Their product line is of good quality, sometimes better than what we find at the local feed store, sometimes a little pricey, but then sometimes cheaper, so it's worth checking out.

Pipestone Veterinary Supply
1300 So. Hwy. 75
PO Box 188
Pipestone, MN 56164

A supplier of veterinary supplies for sheep that is part of a large veterinary practice in Minnesota specializing in sheep. Their catalog is a gold mine of medical information and commentary, including a discussion of "extra-label" drug use.

installation of lamb tag Dalton ID Systems
Dalton House
Newtown Road
Oxon RG9 1HG
+44 1491 419 000

For many years Dalton made both the "Mini" and "Supersmall" tages that worked so well for Soay lambs and that many of us depended on to keep our lambs straight once they began asserting their independence from their mothers but before they were big enough for their USDA scrapie tags.

Alas, Dalton has been sold and the new owners no longer sell the Supersmall tags. A year ago we were still able to buy a big supply from the Dalton warehouse, so if you cannot find another source of Soay lamb-sized tags, it may be worth an email directly to Dalton to see if they have any left in the warehouse.

Dalton does still list the "Minitag" under their "Research Tags" section, but it does not show up on the page for online purchases. It might be worth an email to see if they still sell it. We used the Mini tags for several years. Our only caution is to be sure you ask for black lettering. The standard gold lettering is impossible for middle-aged (or senior) eyes to read out in the pastures.

If you know of a reliable small tag available from suppliers in the US or Canada, could you please let us know?

Sheepman Supply Co.
8102 Liberty Road
PO Box A
Frederick, MD 21702

Good all-around source for standard sheep supplies, and for other livestock, too. Catalog is 72 pages long, not fancy, but really comprehensive. A good source for Soay breeders in the east.

Sheep handling equipment

Shaul's Manufacturing
Sutter, CA 95982
(530) 695-8185

Bill and Susan Shaul make a nice line of downsized sheep and goat equipment that is ideal for working Soay sheep. Their website, like their products, is first-rate, very user-friendly, and includes both prices and lots of helpful photographs. You also can get a set of printed materials that is useful to carry around your farm, and a printed price list, if you contact them by email. Shaul stuff is top-notch and you cannot possibly have too much of it. The dark green steel panels, gates and feeders visible in many of the pictures on this site are from the Shauls.

Livestock Guardian Dogs

Isaac and Khloe Jake and Luke Chyril Walker
Shepherds Rest Anatolians
Carlton, OR
(503) 852-7082

Our six purebred Anatolian Shepherds all came from Chyril as young puppies, spaced about two years apart to assure we always have coverage for our flock. Though ferocious with intruders on their fiefdom, they are docile and affectionate with us and our human visitors. We delight in watching as each of them progresses from an oversized bumpkin to take his or her rightful place as a sober and dependable flock guardian.